Bgirl Badli at IDFA

Festival selections for our short youth documentary Bgirl Badli are lining up.

After several Belgian festivals, Bgirl Badli had its international premiere at DOK Leipzig, followed by screenings in the school programme of IDFA Amsterdam and at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival. Future selections include BUFF Malmö, Festival Regard and the art film festival FIFA (both in Quebec, Canada) and Cinequest (USA). The film will also be screening in the school programs of Fipadoc (F), Dokkino (Finland) and the Young Film Fest (Czechia).

Austral wins Grand Prix and meilleur montage

Austral, the black & white documentary by Benjamin Colaux we co-produced with Stenola Productions, won the GRAND PRIX and PRIX DU MEILLEUR MONTAGE at the Brussels International Film Festival (B).