Belgian premiere of "The Pasha, my Mother and I"

Nevine Gerits' The Pasha, my Mother and I will have its Belgian premiere on two major festivals: Docville in Leuven and the Millenium Festival in Brussels.

Nevine is a filmmaker marked by the legacy of her Kurdish mother, an exiled activist, defending the cause of the Kurdish people. ‘The Pasha, my mother and I’ portrays a mother- daughter confrontation, focusing on the question of transmission; what heritage do we carry? How can we free ourselves from this heritage while giving meaning to our roots and helping future generations to build their identity?

"Marieke - Addicted to Life" at Film Festival Oostende

Marieke - Addicted to Life had its Flemish premiere at the Ostend Film Festival, on January 28, 2023, in the presence of director Pola Rapaport, DOP Wolfgang Held and Marieke's parents. The film got a standing ovation from a sold out theatre (420 seats).

Earlier this year, our American co-production Addicted to Life won the Best of Women's Voices Award at the Portland International Film Festival on October 22nd 2022.

As from February 1, the film has been released in Belgian cinemas.

Nelly & Nadine: 100+ festival selections!

Our international co-production Nelly & Nadine is now selected for over 100 film festivals and has received more than 20 international awards.

The Belgian release of Nelly & Nadine has been a  succes! The film will continue playing in Belgian theaters throughout November and December 2022.

Bgirl Badli at IDFA

Festival selections for our short youth documentary Bgirl Badli are lining up.

After several Belgian festivals, Bgirl Badli had its international premiere at DOK Leipzig, followed by screenings in the school programme of IDFA Amsterdam and at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival. Future selections include BUFF Malmö, Festival Regard and the art film festival FIFA (both in Quebec, Canada) and Cinequest (USA). The film will also be screening in the school programs of Fipadoc (F), Dokkino (Finland) and the Young Film Fest (Czechia).

Austral wins Grand Prix and meilleur montage

Austral, the black & white documentary by Benjamin Colaux we co-produced with Stenola Productions, won the GRAND PRIX and PRIX DU MEILLEUR MONTAGE at the Brussels International Film Festival (B).