Belgian release of "The Pasha, my Mother and I"

While Nevine Gerits' The Pasha, my Mother and I is touring around the world, a Belgian release is planned early 2024, with the help of ScreenBox.

The film has won the Diversity Award at the Traces de Vies festival in Clermont-Ferrand, France. It also traveled to Germany, Turkey, Indonesia, Tunesia and was the opening film at the Kurdish Film Festival in New York.
In Belgium, ScreenBox will support a release for cultural screeners, starting February 2024.

‘Friday At The Window’ winner at DMZ Docs Pitch Award!

Last September director Atiye Zare and producer Bram Crols travelled to Korea with their nearly completed feature film ‘Friday At The Window’ to participate in the DMZ Docs Pitch. We were very happy to welcome them back home as the winners of the Rough Cut pitch award! DMZ Docs is the industry event of the 2023 DMZ International Documentary Film Festival which took place between 14 and 21 September.

Four short films in production!

It has been a busy summer at Associate Directors with four short documentaries on the table! 

The proven concept of Ket&Doc provided five really strong idea's again this year. We will be working with Liesbeth De Mey to produce her short children's documentary about a young boxing girl.

As part of their Scienceville program, for the first time at Docville festival, a professional jury chose from a selection of eight film proposals two winning idea's to make two short documentaries based on scientific research. Associate Directors is producing both films, Testerep directed by Vincent Langouche, and Coral City by Charlotte De Cort and Camille Ghekiere.

Camille Ghekiere will also be working with us on her VAF supported documentary Simeon, about a 20-year-old boy from the Dominican Republic who will be starting an internship in a Flemish nursing home. 

Four beautiful projects we are looking forward to introducing to the world in 2024. 


Scienceville: Filming in Sri Lanka & on the North Sea!

The directors duo Charlotte De Cort and Camille Ghekiere just returned from a three week shoot in Sri Lanka for their short science documentary. They accompanied Marc Kochzius and a team of VUB scientists on their research trip studying coral reefs in the Indian Ocean.

Closer to home Vincent Langouche sailed out on to the North Sea with scientists from VLIZ on the research ship Simon Stevin. Their excursion is part of a bigger project of an interdisciplinary group of scientist studying the evolution of the Belgian coastal line. With his short documentary Vincent will introduce us to the scientific world behind their research project Testerep. 

"Marieke - Addicted to Life" at Film Festival Oostende

Marieke - Addicted to Life had its Flemish premiere at the Ostend Film Festival, on January 28, 2023, in the presence of director Pola Rapaport, DOP Wolfgang Held and Marieke's parents. The film got a standing ovation from a sold out theatre (420 seats).

Earlier this year, our American co-production Addicted to Life won the Best of Women's Voices Award at the Portland International Film Festival on October 22nd 2022.

As from February 1, the film has been released in Belgian cinemas.

Nelly & Nadine: 100+ festival selections!

Our international co-production Nelly & Nadine is now selected for over 100 film festivals and has received more than 20 international awards.

The Belgian release of Nelly & Nadine has been a  succes! The film will continue playing in Belgian theaters throughout November and December 2022.

Bgirl Badli at IDFA

Festival selections for our short youth documentary Bgirl Badli are lining up.

After several Belgian festivals, Bgirl Badli had its international premiere at DOK Leipzig, followed by screenings in the school programme of IDFA Amsterdam and at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival. Future selections include BUFF Malmö, Festival Regard and the art film festival FIFA (both in Quebec, Canada) and Cinequest (USA). The film will also be screening in the school programs of Fipadoc (F), Dokkino (Finland) and the Young Film Fest (Czechia).

Austral wins Grand Prix and meilleur montage

Austral, the black & white documentary by Benjamin Colaux we co-produced with Stenola Productions, won the GRAND PRIX and PRIX DU MEILLEUR MONTAGE at the Brussels International Film Festival (B).